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GULER LEGACY WORKSHOP is a team training focused on creating effective teams for companies. It is an adventure full of surprises, combining basketball with business life, making it a vibrant and cheerful one. GULER LEGACY WORKSHOP provides an experience that rises during the traning that the participants would see the outcomes about herself/himself and the team.

GULER LEGACY WORKSHOP is inspired by the match day of a professional basketball team. The theoretical and practical teamwork carried out by our specialists during the training is aimed to keep the motivation of the participants high and entertain by placing them into the day. Participants spend their days in a gym and discover the dynamics of being a team in the business life.


GULER LEGACY WORKSHOP is applied by experienced team and legendary Turkish basketball players joins our team as coaches during the training. Necati Güler, one of the pioneers of Turkish basketball acts as head coach in training.

Muratcan Guler and Sinan Guler also participate in the GULER LEGACY WORKSHOP program and share their experiences according to their schedules.


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GULER LEGACY WORKSHOP is custom-tailored to meet the needs, demands and needs of companies. As a result of the feedback received from the company such as the number of participants, the company's specific competence requests etc. the equipment are specially prepared, and each Guler Legacy Workshop is designed and implemented in a unique manner.

You can contact us to learn about Guler Legacy Workshop and our special offers.